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Our current beers are shown below, we aim to keep pushing forward so keep any eye out for the latest brew


THe monkey buffet festival is held annually in thailand, and exists for no reason other than for people to witness hoards of monkeys gorging themselves on piles of fruit and veg! SOmetimes, no further reason is needed. why shouldn't monkey's get to enjoy life too? 

expect masses of fruit aroma, and minimal bitterness to keep you coming back for more. 

  • Base beer - NEw ENgland style IPa


  • ABV - 5.4%

  • Sizes available - 330ml 

MHB Monkey Buffet Mock Up v1.png


GT 19 1-star.jpg
MHB Herd Mock Up v1.png

In nature, a herd is a group that acts together for the good of all. although people don't generally have the same fear of being mauled by a lion, the desire is still there to seek community and be with the people we care about. 

herd delivers deep flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee, with a sweetness from the lactose adding a little indulgence to the mix.   

  • Base beer style - stout

  • Adjuncts - lactose

  • ABV - 4.5%

  • Sizes available - 330ml

COLLAB - Eat the bird x mc abdominal

Wing fingers

A collaboration to produce the house beer for eat the bird - the fly-est funky fried chicken restaurant in the south west - between ourselves, eat the bird and the hip-hop legend that is MC abdominal. 

This dry hopped pale delivers citra and mosaic hops in a sessionable strength - ideal for cooling down from the spiciest of wings. 

  • Base beer style - pale ale

  • Adjuncts - none

  • ABV - 4.4%

  • Sizes available - 330ml 

MHB Wing Fingers 3D Bottle v1.png
GT 20 1-star_1600692943.jpg


GT 19 1-star.jpg
MHB Tribe Mock Up v1.png

Designed to be shared with your tribe. this beer combines flavours of coffee with a smooth finish and subtle fruitiness from the raspberries.  

Not your standard fruit beer, expect the raspberry taste to compliment rather than overpower.

  • Base beer style - Red Ale

  • Adjuncts - Whole Raspberries and raspberry tea infusion

  • ABV - 4.5%

  • Sizes available - 330ml

seasonal COLLAB - the devon food movement


The Spruce is well and truly loose with our new release! In collaboration with Chef Luke Fearon of The Devon Food Movement we are proud to introduce you to Spruce, the first in our forager series. Using foraged devon spruce needles, we have introduced both simcoe and citra hops - emphasising both the citrus qualities and the dank, piney taste you expect.

Pine taste is present throughout, but doesn't overpower. A real refreshing and unique beer. 

  • Base beer style - NEIPA

  • Adjuncts - DEvon foraged pine needles

  • ABV - 5.4%

  • Sizes available - 330ml 

MHB Spruce Mock Up v1.png

Jester's Dead

MHB Jester Mock Up v2.png

Inspired by our airfield location and it's military past, as well as a certain 80's movie classic, we're proud to release Jester's dead. 

We've combined british malts with our favourite US hops to celebrate the best of both worlds with this hoppy pale ale. un-fined and un-filtered, packed with fruity and citrus aromas. 

  • Base beer style - Pale Ale

  • ABV - 4.4%

  • Sizes available - 330ml 

GT 21 1-star_1632214337.jpg


scaramango...the beer of the golden sun. Pale malt and wheat base, generously hopped with citra and a natural mango flavour. 

un-fined and un-filtered, packed with fruity and citrus aromas. ideal for bringing the sunshine all year around.

  • Base beer style - american wheat

  • ABV - 4%

  • Sizes available - 330ml 

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