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What can we offer?

being the size we are, we can be much more flexible than the majority of brewers. This means we can offer a personalised brew for you. Whether you are looking to offer a completely unique corporate gift or a brew entirely tailored to your wedding or event - we can help!

You can be as involved or not as you want in the process. from working with us on the beer development and designing your own label to simply re-labelling one of our existing beers with us handling the design for your approval - we can ensure the final product is the perfect brew for you.

Case study - Team Brooks - Corporate gifts

james, the founder of Team brooks, approached us looking for a custom christmas beer as a gift for his clients. team brooks are experts in helping food & drinks companies grow - so this beer would be destined for some of the most discerning and ambitious producers across the uk. We suggested re-working one of our existing beer range with a custom label and presenting it in gift boxes. 







as team brooks had access to their own talented graphic designers, they took on the design element working from our own label template to produce a design they were happy with. We referred this to our label printers, suggesting a foil element to add to the premium feel. on receipt of the labels, we arranged the packaging, labelling and distribution of samples. 




James Brooks @ Team Brooks comments;


'Working with Many Hands was a complete delight. 


They gave us a huge amount of creative control over the process and our clients were absolutely thrilled with the beer that we gifted them. 


I highly recommend Many Hands and will DEFINITELY be working with them in the future.' 

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