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Which charities are you supportinG?


Being a dad, i well know the feeling of responsibility when a new baby arrives on the scene. Having the added stress of not being able to provide for them would be a terrible situation to be in.Exeter baby bank provides pre-loved baby essentials for local families in need, and we aim to support them in achieving that goal.


 There are many isolated areas in and around where our brewery is based and within those areas many elderly, disabled or less-mobile people reside and constantly face the struggle of relying on limited public transport services and facilities. TRIP has been based in Honiton since 1997 and is the 'One Stop Shop' for Community Transport for the whole of East Devon – including specialist minibuses and volunteers in their own cars. TRIP is also a supplier of mobility equipment, information and advice to assist the less-abled in our community. Rural isolation can be a major issue in Devon and TRIP’s services are available to everyone affected, including the disabled and people of all ages. I have chosen this charity as a close member of my family regularly volunteers with them to help where possible (


The bike, such a simple invention, and yet one that I see as a freedom machine.  World Bicycle Relief donate bikes to developing communities.  The bike can help get kids to school, entrepreneurs to grow their business as well as helping medics to visit more patients in a day.  Low maintenance, cost effective and life changing…..what’s not to like? 


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