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In the beginning...

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Simon, Andy and Rich started Many Hands Brew Co in 2017. All working together at a drinks equipment supplier, and all being big fans of well crafted beers, the temptation proved too great for us not to use the equipment we already have access to to create the drink we love.

We aim to make beer that encourages people to drink it together. This could be by making an IPA that you can bring to a mate's BBQ, or tweaking a traditional style to make it more accessible to people that aren't necessarily beer fans - yet. We put quality above quantity, and brew in small batches. This allows us to experiment and continue to bring new and exciting brews to you all. We hope you enjoy what we produce, are excited enough to tell a friend about it and maybe share a beer or two of ours together in the not too distant future. 

- Cheers!  

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